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Benefits of Carbon Real-Time Energy Monitoring Software

We have installed Carbon Real-Time on many sites and been astounded by how much waste energy monitoring uncovers. Here's just a few examples:

Energy monitoring reveals incorrect charging

A local Council installed Carbon Real-Time at their civic centre and the adjoining child care centre. Through analysis of the electricity billing data against Carbon Real-Time data, it was discovered that the Council had been double charged by their energy provider for the electricity use at the child care centre for the last 15 years! Once identified, the Council contacted their energy provider to stop the double charging and were able to retrospectively recover some of the monies. The instant savings from identifying the double us was over $40,000 per annum.

Electricity monitoring helps control your building management system

One organisation's heating and cooling (HVAC) system was discovered to be turning on at 4 am and turning off at 8 pm. As the building was unoccupied for seven hours during this time, electricity monitoring highlighted the wasted energy and the HVAC control settings were adjusted. The organisation was able to save nearly $80,000 per annum in energy costs.

Uncover leaks and waste when you monitor energy use

An organisation's heating system was being left on continuously without anyone being aware of it. Once they were able to monitor electricity usage over a 24 hour period, the anomaly was picked up and the heating controls could be adjusted to turn on and off only when the building was occupied, saving over $200,000 per annum in energy costs.

As you can see, these leaks were very costly and quite easily fixed. But they were only identified once an energy monitoring system was used.

Where could your organisation be leaking energy?

Our experience has shown that typically around 10% of a site’s electricity usage can be easily avoided at NO cost once energy management software is installed.

The Carbon Real-Time energy monitoring system can very quickly identify where energy is wasted. But unless you ACT on the information you recieve, you won’t save any energy, any money or reduce your greenhouse emissions. As shown in the above examples, only when action was taken did these organisations realise significant energy, cost and carbon emssions savings.

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