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Features of Carbon Real-Time Energy Monitoring Software

Mix and match energy monitoring to your requirements

Flexibility to your energy monitoring needs is a key feature of the Carbon Real-Time software. We can tailor Carbon Real-Time to only monitor the energy you want to monitor - monitor electricity alone or just your solar panels electricity generation. Then you can add on wind electricity generation or water consumption at a later date.

Power usage meter for individual circuits

Carbon Real-Time will not only provide energy monitoring tailored to your specific needs - it also acts as a power usage meter for individual circuits. Discover exactly how much electricity your lighting, heating and air conditioning or power outlets use for example. You can use this information to change HVAC control settings or behaviour patterns to become more energy efficient.

Energy management through comprehensive electricity usage reports

We live in a world overflowing with information ... and lacking in understanding. Electricity usage monitor data is great - but what does it tell you? How can you use it to check against baseline data or benchmarks?

This is where powerful reporting capabilities set Carbon Real-Time apart as an energy management software system:

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  • Via individual meter, you can compare up to any 7 days against each other
    Using the 7 Day Comparison report, users can select up to 7 different days and compare the usage / generation of the selected meter / circuit. The user is not confined to a pre-selected 7 day period. Dates from 6, 12 or 24 months ago can be selected and compared against current dates. This is especially useful for reports on changes made over time to light, HVAC and computer systems.
  • Compare individual power usage meters/circuits against each other
    In this report the user has the ability to compare multiple metering points on the same graph and can select a single day to compare the different metering points. This functionality enables the user to pin point the main areas of use within the building.
  • Dual Scale Meter / Circuit Comparison
    As the title states, this report contains the same functionality of the Meter / Circuit Comparison report, but additionally enables the user to compare the selected meters on a different axis. This facilitates analysis, such as comparison of Solar PV vs Main Energy or Temperature data overlayed with Energy Usage.
  • Trend comparison
    Trend comparison allows the user to select a specific meter / circuit to compare over a selectable period of time. The data is displayed in a graph that allows the user to scroll through the timeline and expand or contract the graph scope. This is useful for interpreting base load and spikes in energy usage over a period up to 31 days after the selected date.

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Promote your green credentials

Promote Your Green Credentials | Monitor Energy Today | Electricity Monitor | Electricity Usage Monitor

For organisations wishing to promote their sustainability initiatives to stakeholders and customers using the strength of their existing brand, CarbonetiX offer a Customised Energy Software Development service. We can develop a website that uses Carbon Real-Time as an initial framework, but uses your branding and sends your message.

Here's one that we did for a local Council:

Many of our clients choose to include a public touch screen display in their foyer, an interactive and effective way of communicating your sustainability efforts with stakeholders and customers.

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