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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I unable to see any data coming from my system?

There is a high chance that your system has frozen or lost power (in most cases).

  1. Locate your logging device it should look like one of the below
    a)Sheeva Plugb)Asus EEE PC
  2. Restart the device:
    1. For device (a) pull the black cable out of the device and plug it back in again making Sure that the cable is securely pushed back in.
    2. For device (b) open the lid of the net book and hold and the silver button in on the top right hand side of the net book until its completely off. Once it is off turn the net book back on and close the lid.
  3. Wait approximately 15 minutes for the device to log some data and then check on your local version by typing in http://carbonrealtime/
  4. If your unable to view the local interface please check that the computer is still connected to the site's network by contacting your I.T Network Manager

Why can I see my data locally but not online?

Has your local proxy settings changed since your system was installed?

If so please contact your I.T Network Manager to request the new information to input into the system

  1. Go to http://carbonrealtime/admin/
  2. Login using the username and password you received when the system was installed
  3. Click on account management
  4. Scroll down to the proxy settings
  5. Change to the information received by the network manager
  6. Logout of the system

Why am I getting broken lines on my graphs?

Your logging unit may be too far away from the wireless access point near the main switch board. Please contact us on 1300311763 to organise a site visit or call your solar provider

If you are still unable to fix the system please call us on 1300311763 for a site visit.

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