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How Carbon Real-Time Energy Monitoring Software Works

The Carbon Real-Time energy monitoring system comprises both hardware and software components that when combined, provide you with comprehensive data on your up-to-the-minute energy usage.

CarbonetiX pre-configure all of the components so that when you get them, they simply plug in and play straight away.

Your Carbon Real-Time energy monitoring package will contain clamps that a qualified electrician will need to connect to the mains electricity board and a mini-server that wirelessly transmits your electricity usage data to our main servers. Your electricity usage data can then be accessed on the Internet, Intranet or even your mobile phone!

We have a public website where you can choose to display your company's energy usage data and promote your organisation's green credentials, or you can choose to have private access only.

For organisations wishing to promote their sustainability initiatives to stakeholders and customers using the strength of their existing brand, CarbonetiX offer a Customised Energy Software Development service. We can develop a website that uses Carbon Real-Time as an initial framework, but uses your branding and sends your message.

Here's one that we did for a local Council:

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